Catherine Cortez, MA, CMT, HWC​​​​

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Health & Wellness Coach

Movement Educator


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Health Coaching

 "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and

 not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." - World Health Organization

Optimum wellness can be achieved through mindful attention to the core components of health including physical environment, nutrition, lifestyle choices, mental and emotional well-being, a sense of purpose, physical activity and fitness, and sleep. When we align each of the core components of health with our own vision of health and our personal values we achieve better overall health and a sense of well-being.

Who can benefit from health coaching?

Anyone interested in creating a more fulfilling, healthy, energetic, and content life can benefit from partnering with a health coach.

  • Maybe you feel "dialed in" for the most part but still feel like there is room for improvement.
  • Perhaps you know what to do but can't seem to do it.
  • Has your doctor suggested you'd feel better if you made some lifestyle changes?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start making changes?
  • Would you like to feel that the life you live is aligned with your values?

Challenges to health and well-being occur at all stages of life. Partnering with a health coach at any life stage helps you to respond to changes in your life and health in a proactive and engaged way.

What does health coaching look like?

Working with a health coach is a non-judgmental partnership that empowers you to envision and sustain lifestyle behavior changes by creating personal and specific goals that align with your own comprehensive vision of health.

The coach

  • supports clients with a structure to discover, articulate and achieve their goals for health and well-being
  • empowers clients to identify options as well as obstacles to change
  • helps clients connect health to personal purpose and values
  • facilitates client focus toward consistent and realistic action steps
  • holds clients accountable for their commitment and encourages curiosity and reflection
  • offers additional resources for making healthy behavior changes

The client

  • develops a personal health plan that is custom-tailored for success in the context of the complexities of the life they live
  • focuses on investigating and healing the present and takes action for future change
  • arrives with an attitude of openness and willingness to explore possibilities
  • cultivates the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make health behavior changes

*Health coaching is not a substitute for mental health therapy, nutrition counseling, or a medical intervention.*

Health Coaching Packages and Fees

Sessions available in person, via Zoom, or hybrid

Introductory / Micro Session


Per Session

Single Session 60-90 min

Find out if coaching is right for you. In this session we will explore what your  vision of optimal health looks like and how you can get there. 

Comprehensive Coaching


Package Price

8 sessions 45 - 90 min each

The comprehensive coaching package includes 8 full sessions typically spanning 8-12 weeks. Together we will investigate your vision of best health and create a plan to achieve it. During the process you will feel supported to incorporate health behavior changes that connect to your personal purpose and highest values in the context of the real life you live.

Individual Return Session


Per Session

Single  Session 45 -60 min

Returning clients who experience an acute issue may wish to come back to coaching for a few sessions to gain clarity and create a plan of action.